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Return to States, Office, and Sobriety

2012-08-22 12:51:29 by missedtarget

Job status in the coming months appears to be dubious. Obviously, in case of unemployment, this will mean additional work on side projects, or my soul will corrode like a bicycle spoke in a fat man's stomach.

Trey Ep 1, redux. Both me and **cough** gay lover **cough** totes hetero lifepartner Slackman can improve upon previous performance.
Trey Ep 3, in which Trey is sexually abused by cats. Based on a true story. Not really. Well, maybe.

Work on World War Awesome (working title), in which wizards fight Stalin, Rasputin, and Hitler continues. Needs more wizards/history. Suggestions, PM me.

Might actually be posting some, in hopes of cheap accumulation of fans. Was quite busy on vacay.


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